Tranquility awaits you. Welcome to our beautiful, secluded, five acre hilltop country spa retreat, directly across from the Elora Gorge.

Our gated entry leads up a winding lane where you may catch a glimpse of whitetail deer, cottontail bunnies, quail, wild turkey, geese, herons and hawks. Indulge your senses in a quiescently delightful experience for the spirit and leave us peacefully refreshed.

Meet the Pets

Our sweetheart dog, Harley, and our crazy greyhound/border collie, Ozzy, (who live outside), will welcome you with a chorus of barks. They will be there with us to greet you upon your arrival. Our old man, Eddy, the best dog in the world, left us Christmas 2007, at age 13, and our wonderful monster dog, Chaos, left us this August 2009, at age 9, to munch dogbones and chase bunnies in the Big Doghouse in the Sky. We love and miss them both too much to bear!

Our parrotlet, Maui, age 13 years, and cockatiel, Buckwheat, age 14 years, love to play and are very friendly and sociable.

Our Netherlands Dwarf Bunny, Chloe, is munching carrots in bunny heaven, leaving us at age 8 months and we miss her terribly.

Our Himalayan Dwarf Bunny, Zoe, is our newest addition, only 3 years old. She is a cuddle bunny and learning to adapt to our menagerie.

Our green wing macaw parrot, Ru, age 21 years, will delight you with her intelligence, vocalizations and interactive vocabulary.

Our severe macaw parrot, Dorito, age 20 years, is a pleasure to watch as she does acrobatic tricks to amuse you.

Both macaws are on the endangered species list and are very sensitive and delicate creatures. They were both hatched in California and moved with me to Canada. They were both hand raised and hand fed by me since they were hatchlings. We are thrilled that they accept us as their family and allow us to be part of their lives. If you are interested, you may meet and observe the birds and we welcome any questions you may have about them.