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Thank you sooo much for your heartwarming hospitality, from the moment you greeted us on the driveway. We both are extremely happy to have had the opportunity to be a part of your Log Cabin Heaven! We enjoyed everything from the massages to the dinner to the romantic spa to the special time cooking! You all know how to make the best of a treasured memory! Even though it was short, we will never forget the loving experience we had. P.S. Don't worry, we will be back again someday! Love, Davie and Michael

We are so very grateful to be here and have enjoyed our stay immensely. Your hospitality knows no bounds and we appreciate your attention to every detail. We enjoyed our conversations and hearing about your travels. Thank you for a perfect anniversary celebration! - Jim and Carrie

Thank you for a memorable experience. You made our engagement that much more special! You have an amazing spirit and I feel blessed to have met you. The services you provided were beyond expectation and I can't thank you enough! This stay with you will be a lasting memory for us. We will be sure to come back to make more memories. All the best! - Katherine and James

Thank you so much for your wonderful Best Friends Forever experience! This was just what we needed - from your wonderful hands in the spa to your wonderful cooking. Meals were awesome! Very relaxing, love your home and your awesome pets. Ro, you are such a kind, warm loving person and it was an honour to meet you, your husband and your birds and dogs. OMG, my gift from my best friend - the BFF package, what a gift! It was GREAT! Everything, the room, the pool, the spa, treatments, and the food, YUMMY! Thank you so very much for meeting our needs and going way beyond. It was all just so wonderful in every way. You sure know how to pamper one. You are a wonderful person - so giving and with such an open heart. Thank you for sharing your family with us. Harley, Oz and Ru are just so adorable, as well as Dorito and Daryl. God bless you all. - Love, Hugs and Kisses, Donna and Susan

Thank you so much for making our wedding day so wonderful and run so smoothly. Everything was perfect and the food was AMAZING!! We had a great time, a wonderful relaxing weekend and we will definitely be back!- Will and Olivia

Thanks for the wonderful hospitality in sharing your home and wonderful spa! We especially enjoyed our personalized French cooking lessons. Thanks for sharing stories about Elora and Canada in general.- from Florida - Mary and Tom

Thank you so much for an amazing and truly relaxing anniversary celebration. We enjoyed ourselves immensely! You are so very good at what you do! - Melisa and Lorne

I had a wonderful time. The food was magnificent, the massages were absolutely fantastic and the hospitality was out of this world. I hope to come back and visit again from Montreal.- Hossein

Thank you Ro for helping us celebrate our 20th anniversary. Thank you for the massage, great food and lovely home. May God bless the work you do. You have wonderful gifts and your willingness to share is beautiful! Love, John and Jennifer

Thank you Ro for a truly beautiful, healing retreat to enjoy with my dear friend. I feel pampered, nurtured and well fed. Many blessings! This has been such a relaxing and rejuvenating weekend. I truly enjoyed your kind heart and warm spirit. Love and Light, Jenny and Susane

Thank you for sharing your beautiful shangri-la with us. A wonderful spot for a relaxing break from all the hustle and bustle back home. Some of the best food we have ever eaten! - John and Irene

Ro, you are the supreme hostess!This visit was SO relaxing, compliments to your culinary and massage skills. Your listening ear and insight will allow this special night to last for many weeks to come. I leave today refreshed, relaxed and renewed for whatever I design next in my life. Thank you again for sharing your home and your loving spirit! Ro, another wonderful visit. Thanks for making my BFF feel so wonderful! See you again soon!! - Patti and Colleen

Thank you so much for a wonderful stay. You made us so comfortable and relaxed. Our ten year anniversary was so romantic and such a memorable experience. We LOVED the swim, the dinner, the massages, and breakfast was just icing on the cake! You have opened your home and your heart to us. It was so much better than I anticipated. You have given us a well needed restful stay. You are like family. We have also loved the conversation with you, just lovely. All the best and please keep in touch. We will definitely be back!- Samantha and Todd

Of all the Bed and Breakfast getaways available in Ontario, we must say there is nothing like your outstanding facility! From the time Wendy and I arrived, you and Daryl greeted us with warmth and hospitality. We saw an overwhelming kindness in you that made our stay very comfortable. What you provided us as part of our evening was unbelievable! We enjoyed a fantastic meal, great company and an overall awesome, romantic, relaxing night. The pool and sauna were terrific, preparing us for a great sleep. Your hospitality is second to none, and the stay, well, I can only say that I wish it were longer. Being in someone else's home, eating, sleeping, swimming, can be very awkward, but the kind of people that you and Daryl are brings a level of comfort and relaxation that makes everything just right. From the bottom of our hearts we want to extend a sincere thanks for everything. There was nothing overlooked. Thank you kindly for the fantastic stay. We shall never forget this weekend! - Regards, Nick and Wendy

Both John and I are thrilled to be back! As before all was FABULOUS! Ro and Daryl, we as always are truly delighted with your company, again fed like royalty and enjoyed ourselves so much! Rest assured, we will be back! Thanks for your caring love. Ru is so delightful and even gave me a kiss on my ankle, knowing I was unwell - what a sweetie! See you again in 2011! - Love, Valerie and John

As always, we had a wonderful time! It was so great to see you and it reminded us we need to come more often. Thank you for your conversations, the fabulous food, and most of all your smile. We wish you all the best until next time. Thanks so much for this gift, it means a lot. - Becky and Josh

Thank you for opening your home to Leeanne and I. It was a wonderful escape and very relaxing. Great experience! Thank you for all your warmth and kindness. - Gayle and Leeanne

Thank you for an amazing, relaxing time. Your meals were absolutely divine. Both Matt and I ate entirely too much. We didn't want to leave anything behind. Your attention to the small details made our stay even more special. We have to go back to reality now but leave enriched with your life stories and great companionship. Many, many thanks! - Cindy and Matt

Thanks a million again for a wonderful "heavenly" experience. I always love our get togethers, cooking adventures and life stories. I appreciate your talent as a brilliant chef and abundant resource of knowledge, both in culinary arts and in life! You prepared an amazing variety of exciting food that catered to all my senses! Thanks a million for another wonderful day! Your friend - Ryan Joyce, International Grand Illusionist

Thank you, thank you, thank you! We're not sure how we heard about your wonderful piece of heaven, but it has been so wonderful! All the small details that come so naturally are so appreciated! It takes a bit to wind down from our hectic lives, but you make your home so relaxing. The food is spectacular (being people that really appreciate food)! Thank you for your warmth and conversation. You made our fourteenth anniversary very memorable. We loved the pool too! - Gerald and Elizabeth

This was such an enjoyable oasis. The home and welcoming atmosphere surpasses anything I have experienced - bar none. If anyone ever shared a more pronounced demonstration of finding their niche and giving back to others through it, I have yet to meet them. The decor, hospitality, facility and services truly make the unknown traveler feel right at home (albeit supremely pampered!) for an experience that keeps on delighting right up to the end. My first massage will be memorable. I have to say I feel enlightened about the process and my expectations have changed. Of course this will leave pretty distinguished shoes to fill should I attempt it again, but thank you for dispelling my fears and replacing them with pleasurable thoughts. The cooking lesson actually left me eager to try on my own - no Frankenstein crepes though! Ro, you are a beautiful soul that welcomed me without hesitation or reservation. You and Daryl made my stay truly memorable. The house is beautiful, I could not have imagined this. I was totally relaxed and at ease. Your home is beautiful, just like the owners. - Pennie and Niki

It's such an oasis here. Good food, sunshine, stars, water and laughter. This is my Neverland, where I get in touch with my inner child, connect with Annemarie and get the best food in Elora! I echo Annmarie's sentiments - be prepared to see us every year. Thank you for everything. Peace and blessings. - Annemarie and Shani

Thank you Ro and Daryl! We came here not knowing what to expect as we had never experienced a B&B before. You made us feel so comfortable in your home. The food was great and the pool was awesome! We hope to return again in the spring/summer so we can enjoy the outdoors as well! Thanks for everything! - Nan and Jim - KFUN Contest Winners

WOW! What an amazing experience. Having never ventured into the world of culinary instruction, I wasn't sure what to expect. I believe instead of trying other "cooking classes" and testing which was better, I was fortunate to work with the BEST! Ro, you are a true pleasure to learn from and communicate with. It's as if we have known each other for years. Your recipes are delicious, practical and well rounded. The atmosphere is beautiful and the surroundings serene. Thanks a million for a wonderful experience! Magically yours, Ryan, Internationally Acclaimed Illusionist,

I've wanted to come visit for what seems like an eternity! This has been the best Christmas gift ever! Your home is gorgeous, the rooms are fantastic and the spa is absolutely heavenly. I had the best time ever. Even chatting with Ro about nutrition made the time spent more fulfilling. Liz and I really needed this time away together to slow down and relax. I actually feel like a king knowing how much trouble you went through to ensure I didn't have my usual after dinner reaction. Thank you so much for everything. Your home is a treasure. Immediately bringing my back to childhood, examining every object with wonder at the untold story behind it. Thank you so much for opening your home and yourself to us. - Love, Andi and Liz

I enjoyed my stay with you all and wish I didn't have to leave. I feel so at home with all of you. I hope this won't be our last visit. You are more than welcome to see us in Guelph. Please never be a stranger. Last night I was in complete heaven and paradisem all thanks to you, even our furry and feathered friends. P.S. love the massage Ro, awesome job! Thank you!- Rob and Shannon

We had an amazing time while we were here and learned so much! Thanks so much for everything that you did for us! We are sure we will be back to see you again! - Chefs Aprille and Mike

As always - a wonderful day! Thank you for all you do for us. We really appreciate the little touches that make Log Cabin Heaven such a relaxing and magical place. P.S. Thank you for giving Dave his dog fix! - Jenny and Julia

What a team! The grace and warmth offered to David and me was amazing! Thanks for the tasty meals and special gift! We will enjoy the ice wine brandy this week to extend the good will into "anniversary week". We are delighted we met you and look forward to many more memories together! - Barb and David of The Village Olive Grove

Thank you for a very pleasant time. It was a wonderful Win from OLG! We both enjoyed ourselves - relaxing, interesting, good food and entertaining conversation. - OLG Winner Helen and Minnie

It's hard to know where to start. My body feels so rested and my heart so full. This is a beautiful spot (truly heavenly!). Our stay is only half over but perfect so far. This is our 30th anniversary and it was great to feel completely alone and relaxed to reconnect. You are as warm as your home, so welcoming and friendly, Dinner was superb and Seb says the massage was the best he's ever had. Words cannot express the peace and joy in our hearts. - Heather and Seb

The home of Ro and her hard working husband is like a diamond in a world of volcanic ash. We found her dwelling,its contents and her conversation inspiring and full of ageless secrets. The company of feathered friends as well as furry was a wonderful complement. We wish this family the best that the world has to offer and great success in our challenging world. Keep up the wonderful work and make all the necessary space to develop and feel rewarded for your efforts, which add to our world in ways we cannot measure...I agree, what a wonderful wedding gift from my children! Best coffee on earth and food to die for! Will share and encourage my friends to visit. Thank you for making this experience possible for us! - Anne and Arthur

I was overwhelmed when I found out I won the OLG Grand Prize at Log Cabin Heaven! Thank you, we had a wonderful time and really enjoyed relaxing by the pool and the fantastic dinner. We will be sure to tell all of our friends about what a wonderful place you have here. - OLG Winner Ruby and Family

What a wonderful way to celebrate our 20th anniversary. It was the retreat that I was looking for, Colin was relaxed the minute we walked in. The atmosphere is fabulous, no words to describe the food as delicious just does not seem to be enough. We enjoyed our candlelight swim and sauna and look forward to our massages. This is exactly what I had hoped for and much, much more! We can't thank you enough, and we will be back! - Trish and Colin

We enjoyed a wonderful stay, just what we needed to recharge our batteries! The meals were excellent (puts Malcolm's beans and toast to shame!!), the hosts charming and interesting. The exclusive use of the pool made for some romantic moments! The massages were great - you hit all the right spots. We leave feeling like a new couple. Our sincere thanks and best wishes. - Malcolm and Marjorie

Thank you for making us feel right at home. You have an awesome family and we are glad we could meet the macaws and dogs. Ro, your meals are so full of flavour in every bite, you are truly world class in every way!Daryl, we feel we've known you all our lives, you are so welcoming. Thank you again for our delightful B&B experience! - Pat and Nancy

This weekend was the surprise of my life! My family and you, Ro, did an excellent job of keeping me in the dark! Happy Mother's Day! Everything Melanie and John said about Ro came to life for me. The hospitality, the swim, the massage and the excellent food was the best surprise and Mother's Day ever! I'm looking forward to coming back. Thanks again Ro, Love - Mel and Susan

We will never forget our second anniversary! It was so wonderful to meet you both. Your home is absolutely beautiful and next time we visit, we promise Joe will not bring the rain clouds! We look forward to exploring your property on a beautiful sunny day. Ro the food was absolutely delicious! Thank you so much for your hospitality and for opening up your home to us with open arms! We will see you again once rainy season has passed. Harly was on the deck! SMILE - Sarah and Joe

This was most definitely an experience we will never forget. From the moment we arrived, right to the end of our stay, your hospitality far surpassed our expectations. We thoroughly enjoyed every single minute of our visit. Thanks for helping us celebrate our first anniversary. We can't wait to come back again soon!- Joanna and Wade

What a great way to celebrate my mom's birthday. We had a blast at the spa and it was a sincere pleasure meeting you. This experience has exceeded my expectations. The host, food, ambiance and sense of serenity was wonderful!! I'm definitely refreshed and ready to face anything! Thank you so much for making my birthday extra special. It was a pleasure to meet you! Thank you again!! - Mary, Roxanne and Stef

"We have had a wonderful time. The food was awesome as was the massage! Both of us have destressed, so thank you for that! The accommodations and company are great. It is wonderful to be so pampered." - Sharon and Don

"Those who hear not the music, think the dancers mad" Thank you for sharing your music with us! We had a wonderful time and ate our faces off - exactly what we needed to relax. Mark and I will have to learn how to give scalp massages - I think I am now addicted! Thanks so very much, it was lovely!" - Alida and Mark

We had such a great time! Thank you so much for your hospitality. I'll be thinking of this great place and you guys and Ru on the slopes! - Love" - Natasha and Brad (our Olympic Snowboarder Dude!)

Thank you for the peace of mind, the wonderful food and romantic atmosphere. This is a wellness centre and it is a pleasure to meet such fine people. We really enjoyed the food, the pool and the awesomely huge bed! We wish good things for you and your family. We will have to come back at the end of the tour for another massage. Thank you for your kindness and openness." - Jess, Daniel and Quinn

We treasured the beautiful setting, the soft bed, the spectacular pool and the calm and oasis of the entire stay! Oh yeah, the massages were out of this world too! The hospitality you offered, as well as the splendid meals you cooked were all top notch. We have been non-stop raving about the entire experience!" - Whitney and Chris, Cobblehill School Grand Prize Winners

This entire weekend was magical. The sounds, sights and atmosphere truly is one of the most extraordinary places on earth. Sensual, exotic, uplifting and relaxing...what an amazing surprise this was. I was in tears when we drove up and the surprises just kept coming all weekend. Every little personal touch made our engagement surprise a weekend we will never forget. Thank you for sharing your little piece of "heaven" with us. P.S. We loved playing donies with Ru!" - Cathie and Todd

Thank you for the best sleep I've had in months! Everything here was perfect - better than I even expected! You're really a woman of all trades - great stories from things you've done, the birds and the dogs. Your hospitality is wonderful and I thank you for helping me give Cam a relaxing birthday weekend. Absolute perfection! I have never felt so relaxed and calm. Lovely conversations and company. Learned more about birds I never knew! Best field trip ever!!! LOL Thank you for a great birthday...I will never forget the wonderful time spent with you." - Sara and Cam

To Our Heaven-ly Family - Thank you soooo much for making our second visit here so wonderful! The dinner was amazing and delicious, as was our morning repast, and the jams truly fantastic! Good food, though, isn't the only ingredient in the LCH experience; the joy and warmth that you show may even eclipse your delicious concoctions (which says quite a bit!!) Thank you for helping us to celebrate our love and marriage at your amazing haven and thanks for making us feel so very special. With love and warm wishes" - Andrew and Michelle

Thank you sooo much for taking such good care of Matt and I, it feels wonderful to know that you have taken care of those who take care of others! I'll never forget my 30th birthday experience of "cucumber ice cream", fillet of elk, moonlit skinny dipping and of course a breakfast of champions! I am so grateful to have experienced this one of a kind log cabin oasis and pet parade - AWESOME! You Rock! Again, thank you for the hospitality. Hugs and Kisses" - Kim and Matt

Thank you for a wonderful evening. Ro, you are an amazing cook, you can cook for us anytime! The time we spent in the pool was great, the candlelight setting so romantic! Ro, you made us feel so welcome, everything was so homey and perfect!! Thanks so much, we will miss Harley!" - OLG GRAND PRIZE WINNERS - Bev and Ross

Thank you so very much for the glorious pampering, the fabulous food (mmm...I'm so happy!!) and the relaxing environment. We are already talking about our next visit! Harley and Chaos and Ru are great! Take care and hope to see you again soon." - Connie and Robin

Thank you so very much for making our 10th anniversary special. The environment, meals, ambience and conversations are memorable. It was also a pleasure to meet Daryl and your engaging pets. We would love to come again!" - Luleta and Heinz

Thank you again Ro, it has been a year since we were last here. Would ideally like to be here so much more often. In fact this is Log Cabin Heaven in every sense of the word. You are absolutely the perfect hostess. I love it here and I promise to be back again next summer and maybe more often if I can. This is the most restful place in the world. Thank you for giving me some peace, not to mention those delicious meals - Wow! Great, great, great, awesome, awesome, awesome! Always love it here. The only place to go for comfort, understanding and love. Feel great, have been pampered to the max! Too bad life can't always be like Log Cabin Heaven! Love," - Val and Linda

Although our stay was short,it was just what we needed. I think a WOW! is in order. Food, it is true, does bring joy. Compliments to the chef. Thanks for making our 7th wedding anniversary one to remember. See you again soon!" - Heather and Steve

Thank you so much for an amazing time. It was everything we were hoping for! The food was fantastic and the company even better! We look forward to seeing you again soon!!" - Laurie and Brad

As the lucky winners of the Groves Hospital Volunteer Association 75th Gala Grand Prize, we had a truly marvelous retreat from every day life. The massage, meals and ambience of the experience were truly amazing! Thanks to Log Cabin Heaven and Ro for making this possible." - Kathy and Colin

Thank you so much for a wonderful and educational experience! I had a great time, gate and all aside! The food was delicious and the cooking was fun! Thank you!!" - Chef Tiffany

May 12, 2008, the day Josh asked me to marry him! Yes, yes, yes!!! I'm very happy that you were a part of this exciting time (good going Josh!) Without repeating myself from our last visit, everything was amazing, relaxing and more memories were made! Ro, I think we have connecting souls. I'm glad to have been able to share with each other. So thank you once again - you both and Log Cabin Heaven hold special memories to us. Remembering the small things, Love" - Becky and Josh

I feel like a wonderful, pampered 60 year old after my morning in the sauna and pool (yes, naked!) and the scalp massage. The lunch with my mother was a gift for our taste buds. Let's hear it for the hippies! Thanks, I'll spread the word!" - Gini and Peggie

Thank you so much for inviting us into your home. You made us feel very welcome and relaxed. We plan to make this a recurrence!"- Greg and Kathleen

What a wonderful, wonderful way to celebrate our 16th anniversary! Thank you so much for your relaxing ambience, animated talks and genuine hospitality. We can honestly say we haven't had such a welcoming and relaxing stay anywhere else. We'll definitely be visiting again! No room left but had to say that the food was AMAZING!" - Randy and Wendy

Thank you so much for a wonderful weekend and delicious breakfast! We will be back again. What a unique and interesting getaway!" - Azzure and Jesse

Thank you so much for inviting us into your wonderful and unique home. It's a relief to not be massage-virgins anymore! Thanks for an extremely rejuvenating experience. Hope to see you again this summer. Ta ta for now!" - Pam and Uri

Thanks again for the amazing weekend as always. The candlelight swim was great again and the food was awesome. Thanks for a wonderful experience and very flavourful meals! This marked our eighth wedding anniversary in an unforgettable way indeed! See you next time, thanks so much!" - Bob and Annelies

Thanks for the most wonderful bridesmaids' luncheon! The food was amazing and I had a great time with my girls! Thank you!" - Kym and Bridesmaids

What can I say? You made us feel so comfortable, so relaxed and so welcome! This was our first B&B experience and I don't think we could ever stay anywhere else now! LOL Ro, breakfast and the massage were amazing. You and your family gave Nick and I some fond memories that we will never forget. Thank you for making our two year anniversary so amazing!" - Nick and Amy

What a wonderful experience. We felt we were miles away from all the hustle and bustle. We felt like we were part of your family. Thank you so much for inviting us into your home. I never thought I liked tomatoes, mushrooms or even olives until we tasted one of your fabulour meals. See you again! All the best in the New Year." - Sean and Dawn

Thank you so much for another wonderful stay! This was the ideal way to spend Jean's 30th birthday and a great way to destress from the holidays. Your wonderful home and hospitality are a treat for us like no other. We hope you have a wonderful birthday and that we see you again soon." - Richard and Jean

My wonderful husband surprised me for my 27th birthday! I had a wonderful spa day to end the perfect day. Ro made a spectacular dinner! Jon and I had a perfect day. Ro and Daryl were wonderful hosts and maybe we can make this a yearly event. Thank you so much!" - Jon and Challene

My 25th surprise birthday stay was the best birthday ever! The food was amazing, the log cabin is beautiful and your hospitality unbeatable. Thank you for everything. We hope to see you again, maybe in Italy! Take care" - Steve and Lynn

What a fantastic way to turn the big "4-0". The massage was exactly what I needed and the Log Cabin is amazing! Thank you for a wonderful birthday." - Brian and Leslea

Thank you for the warm hospitality and wonderful food. This has been a perfect weekend to celebrate Elaine's special birthday and our anniversary. We will most certainly be back for another visit and recommend this experience to our friends. Hope to see you soon, best wishes" - Elaine and Les

What a great way to celebrate a 48th anniversary! Your home is delightful and full of such treasures. Thank you for the food and hospitality." - Winners of the Grand River Raceway Winterlicious Spa Package, Pat and Ron

What a surprise we received arriving at your heavenly cabin! Our stay was so relaxing and friendly. Your home is filled with so many treasures and art pieces...each one having its own story. We are very happy that we have shared this special time with you. This experience brought peace to our body and soul....the hot stones massage...the swims in the pool. And the food, Ro, you have magical fingers in the kitchen....the supper so delicious....the succulent. And your exotic birds....amazing! Thank you very much for this long neede couple time. We'll be back, I'm sure."- Gerry and Lise

Many thanks for our wonderful birthday treats. You are a wonderful host. This was a special time that you made us so welcome. You and your hubby are special people. Thanks so much for adding that special touch to our birthday celebrations with your warm, loving hospitality."- Love, Lyn and Gabi

Paul and Sandi would like to thank you for their wonderful first time visit. We didn't mind sharing our weekend away with really close friends! Thanks for letting Paul and Sandi stay with us. ***giggling***I think we have bumped up to the full body massages! Again the food and hospitality was awesome as usual. Much love and thanks! In the guest book is the first picture of our Log Cabin Heaven baby!!!" - John and Mel and Baby Bump

I can't remember the last time I exhaled so deeply...a very unique experience all around. Thank you for the will live in a place of kinship with other birds I have admired."- Kerry and Allen

For our first time experience at a B&B, this was absolutely amazing. From the moment of entering, to our farewell, your home and presence made us feel special and unique. The privacy, the meals and the company was excellent. Thank you for sharing your home and for making our twentieth anniversary so special." - Elly and Kevin

What a wonderful home you have. Thank you for sharing. The food was incredible!!! We have a fabulous report for mom! Love," - Julia and Peter

No words can describe what this getaway has meant to us. What started as a surprise 30th birthday gift has rekindled a romance and given us a new start in our 13 year relationship. Ro, thank you for inspiring your love of life onto us and for sharing your beautiful home and culinary excellence with us. This experience will be treasured forever. We promise to be frequent will be sick of us! Thank you for giving us the most memorable experience of our relationship. All our gratitude..." - Nancy and Derek

A wonderful home and a fabulous cook...thank you for a wonderful stay. Also, we loved the art and adventures you shared with us (could talk for hours with you!) Special mention to Ru the beautiful macaw."- Chantal and Glen

Thank you Ro for making us feel so welcome in your beautiful home! We leave here relaxed, relieved, and well nourished! We will be back, with husbands hopefully, for another memorable experience."- Brenda and Lisa - OLG Contest Winners

May I say we made new friends to keep! We enjoyed the nature, the peace and relaxing, it was the right choice to come here! It was a good experience, away from the rat race life can be sometimes. The friendship, the food and complete attention was excellent...for our 32nd anniversary, it was a time to remember. Thank you!"- Ana and Joao

We booked to stay here almost a year ago. A lot of crises and stress were happening at that time and we needed to look forward to a fantastic night away. Well, we were not disappointed! Side by side massages, late night swim by candlelight, the romantic supper and amazing breakfast was just what we needed. Ro, your place is a piece of heaven and I wish every day we lived was like today. Thank you for having us stay and experience your hospitality." - Doug and Debbie